Fruitizm.com is Pune’s leading online store for fruits, smoothies, fruit drinks and healthy snacks. Fruitizm is a product of Pisum Food Services, a food technology startup. We also have an offline store at Bhandarkar Road to serve you fresh and warm food snacks.

Our store is something other than another normal online retailer. We offer top quality items and give our customers a positive online shopping experience. Our aim is to provide the healthy food, supreme taste along with technologies like cold-pressed to keep the nutrients intact. Unique menu, quality service and food technology is what makes us different from rest of our competition. Consumers have become very serious about food quality and health aspects also they are looking for healthier options and more convenience in food products. Our primary concentration will be serving high-quality food at a great value. We work to make your eating more enjoyable and healthy.

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Constant innovation in the food industry is saving consumers effort and time. The clean design of the website and mobile app improves user experience and make ordering fast and seamless.


We deliver our food products in Pune. Check if conveyance is accessible in your area, we make sure your order is delivered to in time. The container box are taken care of with most extreme care, so the ordered products will be handed to you safe, just like you expect them to be.

High Quality

The quality and safety of our products are a first priority we ensure the highest quality of the products we sell. We develop our products to the necessary quality and safety measures. Several years of strong operation and hundreds of happy customers let us feel certain about that. Our employees are trained to stick to the principles of good food hygiene.


Deep Bhong

Mega positive shop assistant always ready to help you make the right choice and charm you with a smile.

Vishal Terkar

Wholesale manager. Contact him if you want to buy a batch of the products offered at our store.

Pramod Dongare

Quality control manager. His mission is to check the products we ship and settle quality issues if any.

Vivek More

Quality control manager. His mission is to check the products we ship and settle quality issues if any.

Datt Dongare

Technical Director at BTW Group, and a person keen about emerging technologies


Mary Taba

“Guys, you rock! Made a purchase at your store recently. The order has been shipped and delivered on time. The quality is superb! The price is quite reasonable. Told all my friends about your excellent service and the variety of choice. I think I’ll be your loyal customer in future as well. I wish your store many more years of prosperity.”

Virginia Ubert

“Having the distressing experience with some online shops before decided to say ‘’THANK YOU” to all personnel of this store. You are not only friendly, but deliver really good products in the shortest possible terms. In a word, I am absolutely happy with my purchase and the service. Everything was perfect!”