Cancellation and Refund Policy

Any Questions about billing

The cancellation and refund policy is laid out as below. If you have any queries regarding the billing, cancellation, or refund, you can contact us on -

Contact No: 7219115858 | 9765758899

Email Id:

Requesting a copy of an Invoice

In case you require a copy of an invoice, you can obtain one by contacting us on -

Contact No: 7219115858 | 9765758899

Email Id:

Cancellation & Refund

As a user, you can cancel your order at any point before your order enters the ‘dispatched’ or ‘shipped’ state. You can contact our customer care in order to cancel your order. Once you have successfully canceled the order, any refund will be reflected after 5 working days. In the following cases, Fruitizm reserves the right to cancel your order -

  • If Fruitizm suspects that a customer has performed a fraudulent transaction, or
  • If it is suspected that a customer has performed a transaction which violates the Terms and conditions, or
  • In case certain product(s) are unavailable, or
  • In case of external factors outside the control of Fruitizm, including causes for delivery related difficulties

Even in these cases, Fruitizm will refund any amount within the period mentioned above.

In case a customer has performed a fraudulent transaction or violates our policy, we will maintain a list of such customers, and Fruitizm reserves the right to deny them from placing any future orders or canceling any orders placed by them.

Return & Refund

In case you are not satisfied with the quality of our products, you can request a return of the product (s) within 48 hrs after delivery. Our executives will collect your product from your doorstep. Once we have checked and confirmed the products, we will initiate a refund. The refund will be reflected in your account after 5 working days.

Bank Details

For any bank transactions with us, we will be using the following account -

    Pisum Food Services Pvt. Ltd.

    Account Number: 920020032282224

    IFSC CODE - UTIB0001877
    Prabhat Road Branch