If any of our fruit is not to your full satisfaction, you will not be charged for those items. This guarantee covers the “specific fruit” affected by the quality issue you experienced, based on fruit consistency or texture.

About the “Fruitizm store”

Pune's first Pvt Ltd.Company incorporated solely for delivering Fruit & Fruit Related Products.Registered under Food acts- FSSAI Lic o:11516034000552 

Follows all HACCP standards of Hygiene & Storage

Insourcing the fruits 

Fruitizm is sourced from small, independent, and family-run farms in and around Pune district and Maharashtra,when seasonally possible. Due to seasonality and weather constraints, we are not able to source exclusively from all of these farms year round. However, there are certain fruits which are being imported from a reliable source to make it available 365 days, ensuring its quality.

At the market

Our fruit specialist’s hand-select fresh fruit from wholesale fruit markets before the break of dawn every morning. We carefully select our fruit to ensure the highest quality and the perfect ripeness .

At the Preparation Store

We prepare our fruit packing to make it convenient for the workplace e.g. we separate the pomegranate and Grapes into individual portions. This prevents the hoarding of fruit by certain more eager employees! Quality control checks are carried out throughout the packing process to ensure that only the highest quality fruit goes into our Cut fruits pack.

The preparation Method 

Fruitizm stands as Pune’s first fruit cafe to deliver “Cold-Pressed” fresh and pure juices. The juices and smoothies extraction is completely manually squeezed and never in this process , the fruit comes in contact with blades/metals to expose to  oxidization and produce acidic reactions.

In transit

Our fruit is handled with the maximum care from the market to drop-off, so that it reaches you in perfect condition.

We use every means possible to protect the fruit from bruising during transit, example our Stiff and Firm Packing Containers, The Ice Box mounted on Delivery bikes to maintain the right temperature and protect from external factors.

The variable Fruit size 

Smaller fruit often has less water but the same amount of sugar as the larger fruit you see, resulting in a much richer taste equals with bigger sized fruits.We focus on flavor and supporting small, local, and family-run farms as much as possible.