We have regular fruit packages, health packages for pregnancy, wait-loss, diabetes etc. We also serve cut fruits and short recipes. You can experiment with 5 min simple fruit recipes. It can be your healthy morning snack.
You don't have to go to the market and choose different fruits, dry fruits. You don't have to choose fruits one by one from any e-store. You can get all the fruits in a single package with just a tap. We have personalized membership plans so that we can take care of your daily fruits, dry fruits and healthy snacks.
Most of the local fruits we take directly from farmers, other imported fruits are taken from the market dealers.
We purchase fruits from market or from farmers on daily or couple of days basis. We do not use 3 days older fruits. But fruits usually remain fresh for a week.
Currently we deliver in 3 slots. Two in morning and one in evening. We will soon add more delivery slots as well.
Currently only cash/cheque on delivery is supported. But other payment options will be available in the app soon.