Healthy Fruit Basket -For Diabetic

Rs. 650.00 , 2000 gms
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Fruit combo package with 6 types of fresh fruits...

Now a days diabetes is the biggest health issue all over the world and we all know pain to keep up with sugar level.

All fruits don't increase your sugar level, in fact, too many fruits are available which are helpful for maintaining your sugar level.

For diabetic persons having a piece of fresh fruits or a fruit is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth and get the extra nutrition you are looking for.

You can't get all fruits in one healthy fruit basket that helps for diabetic patients. Now, leave all your diabetes worries behind with this basket and enjoy your life without worries.

What are you waiting for? order this healthy diabetic control fruits online in Pune now.

We also provide a monthly subscription for healthy fruit basket - for diabetic patients in best price.

Apple Red: 2 nos
Pomegranate: 1 nos
Kiwi: 2 nos
Pear: 1 nos
Strawberry: 250 gm
Orange: 2 nos
Guava: 2 nos

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