Fresh Fruit Basket - Extra Premium Package

Rs. 1,700.00 , 7000 gms
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Mix Fresh Fruits Package with minimum 12 types of fruits. 

This fresh basket contains 12 different seasonal and exotic fruits with 7Kg weight.

We ensure that all fruits are fresh, hand picked and full of flavor.            

This is the best fruit gift basket for all occasion, festivals containing fresh fruits available such as red Shimla apple, pear, pomegranate, papaya, strawberry and several others.       

You can directly place an order over a call or through our website.

Right now we provide home delivery in Pune location only and ensure their safe arrival.   

Apple Red Shimla: 1.5kg
Pomegranate: 1.5kg
Pear: 1.5kg
Kiwi: 5 pc
Peeled Pineapple Whole: 500gm
Papaya: 1kg
Strawberry: 400gm
Orange: 1.5kg
Dates: 500gm
Musk Melon: 500gm
Custard Apple: 500gm
Banana: 1kg

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