Fruit Snacks / Healthy Drinks Monthly package

Rs. 2,000.00 , 250 gms
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Daily one of Fruit Snacks or Healthy Drinks for 26 days in a month. 

Order healthy drinks & fruit snacks monthly package with the best quality online with cash on delivery in Pune. Fresh food delivery.

This package is designed to fulfill your taste bud while keeping you healthy, this serves healthy drink i.e. smoothie, juice, milkshake or a fruit snack such as fruit sandwich, sprout the etc. 24 servings in a month, Sunday off.

It contains various types of tasty mouthwatering fruits sandwiches or delicious smoothie or milkshakes, which makes your tummy full and also keeps you energetic.

This sandwich / healthy drink is best for breakfast or any time in a day, especially for diet conscious people.

With assurance of freshness while delivery, we provide a monthly subscription for this package, this fruit package is loved most by Punekars.    

Fruit Salad: 250 gm
Fruit and Sprout Bhel: 250 gm
Smoothie: 250 gm
Choco Fruit Dips : 250 gm
Fruit Parfait: 250 gm
Fruit Chat: 250 gm

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