Fresh Fruit Basket- Premium Package

Rs. 1,300.00 , 5000 gms
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Mix Fresh Fruits Package with minimum 10 types of fruits. 

This basket contains diverse 10 sorts of fruits with total 5 Kg weight.

This fruit basket is packed with wide range of nutrients that are vital for your health.             

Luscious and wholesome, exotic fruits are perfect gift for any occasion, fill hearts of your loved one's with premium fruit basket.             

We ensure the quality of products before it reaches the customer hands and directly ship to the home or office.

We try our best to provide organic fruits delivery.           

Apple Shimla Red: 1kg, 6 nos
Pomegranate: 1kg, 4 nos
Imported Pear: 500gm, 4 nos
Kiwi - Zespri: 2 nos
Peeled Pineapple Whole: 500gm
Papaya Whole: 500gm
Orange: 500gm, 3 nos
Strawberry: 200gm
Dates: 500gm
Green Grapes: 500gm

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