Healthy Fruit Basket - For Weight Loss

Rs. 600.00 , 2500 gms
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Fruit combo package with 6 types of fresh fruits..

For maintaining a healthy & fit body exercise is just not enough, it is also necessary for you to take proper diet.

If you are struggling with weight then this fruit basket is tailor-made for you.

This package contains 6 different types of fruits recommended by a nutritionist that would be helpful to fight weight loss.

Fruits are delicious and also contain essential nutrients, vitamins which are must to maintain your weight.

From all the meals fruits will be your best buddy in weight loss goal.

We strive to provide organic fruits delivery, Currently, we serve this fruit basket in Pune city only.

Apple Red: 2 nos
Pomegranate: 2 nos
Kiwi: 2 nos
Pear: 2 nos
Papaya: 1 nos
Orange: 2 nos

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